Corporate Matters

We help our international clients communicate their business proposition to a Danish audience

Corporate Matters is a Danish advisory agency focused on strategic communications.

When doing business in Denmark, most clients are advised by a first-tier Danish law firm and the Danish branch of a big four accounting company. However, our clients also realize that the formal paper work is not enough – they need proven domestic communication skills in order to harvest the full potential of their business investment.

More than half of our business is with international clients – and for good reason.

Our team of trusted advisors has many years of experience in corporate communications and second-to-none knowledge about communicating to Danish audiences, whether that be to employees, business media, politicians or other important stakeholders.

We often work in a non-disclosure environment. We advise investors, company owners, business leaders and boards of directors at a strategic level.

Our office is located in the business district of Copenhagen but we operate in a global market.

What we do for our international clients


Our experience and knowledge add value to your business case.
We are renowned for our business insight and dedication in everything we do.

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(IPO and M&A)

Investment decisions are based on trust. Our advice is creating, maintaining or increasing the confidence of the investment community and lenders to a company. 
As external partner on IPOs and M&As, our task is to improve and develop the company's investment case by challenging management before meeting the press or the investor community.

When we are involved in M&A’s we will develop transaction-related messaging, and handle all logistics around announcements. Including preparation of spokespersons.

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Most companies are better prepared for the next negative exposure in the press after the first encounter, but why wait to prepare?
 Often, Issues Management is not managed systematically and our experience shows that most crises situations can be avoided by strengthening the company's ability to discover issues before they happen and thereby optimize crisis management.
 In close cooperation with the organization we develop an issues management system that fits your specific issues.

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On a daily basis we help clients with corporate positioning, i.e. distilling the key features of their business in a clear and concise message enabling the clients to communicate their business and interests to the key stakeholders in line with the overall business strategy.

A prerequisite for delivering this service is that we understand the core of the clients’ business and are able to connect the corporate story in a memorable way.

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A successful investor relations program needs a convincing value proposition.

Good investor relations is about a continuous close dialogue with shareholders, sell-side analysts and other important opinion formers. We map and analyze the target audiences – existing and potential shareholders, analysts and opinion formers. We execute perception studies to test the strength of the equity story versus peers and gauge the sentiment around the company. Finally, we assist clients in turning strategy to work. Clearly defined activities and objectives are vital in achieving successful results.

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Media relations
and strengthening of
the reputation

A company's reputation must be nurtured and maintained and for that purpose there is a need to establish and maintain a good working relationship with key media and journalists. 
Before we decide which media relations should be prioritized and engaged we analyze the situation and on that basis give a strategic recommendation.

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A company with a head start has an edge compared to a competitor.

We assist companies so they are able to engage policy makers. We advise them on how their agenda should be communicated. 
We have the knowledge and experience to analyze and plan a Danish public affairs process, typically involving politicians, civil service, NGOs, media, etc.

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Knowing who you are doing business with in Denmark is essential for making the right business decisions. It is equally important to know what kind of political and business environment you are investing into.

We act as the eyes and ears for international client, whether that is regarding individuals, companies, the competitors, the political landscape etc. before a decision is made about whether or not to engage in a Danish business venture.

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The effectiveness of management depends to a large extent on the ability and willingness to communicate and translate the strategy. However, the talent to communicate does not necessarily come by itself. 
We work systematically with management in a personal and confidential environment. 
Media and message training is one of the tools we use when we need to strengthen the leader in communicating both internally and with stakeholders and media.

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All businesses and organizations – Danish or international – will experience a crisis at some point of time. To avoid a ‘double crises’ what really matters is how the crisis is handled, and not least how business is able to proceed. Corporate Matters has a second-to-none experience in crisis communications. We advise the management so they can stay on course and make the right choices in the midst of an intensive media crisis or shitstorm. We are available 24 hours a day, and with a very short notice, which can be crucial.


Local expertise and understanding is a prerequisite for successful communication with a Danish audience.

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When a large Nordic company
launch an IPO

Scandinavia's leading provider of digital payment services launched an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

During the high media profile of the IPO, we advised the company on the Danish media strategy.

An important part of the task was ongoing issues management and ensuring the quality and discipline of communication during the several months long process, including preparing the management on the difficult questions through message training and crisis preparedness.

In cooperation with the IPO team, we prepared also the retail brochure, which resulted in a record number of private investors.

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When cross border
management fraud occurs

A leading global service provider experienced an act of cross border fraud. The media was alerted by union representatives which created a business critical media attention. We helped the overseas Board of Directors with eyes and ears as well as boots on the ground in Denmark. We ‘interpreted’ the Danish media coverage for the international management and on that basis we developed a communications strategy that included an internal and an external communications plan with the main purpose to get business back on track.

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When a company's
is in jeopardy

A large infrastructure project in Copenhagen managed by an international consortium was under heavy political criticism, as the main contractor couldn't guarantee Danish wages and working conditions on behalf of the subcontractors. 
The company's license-to-operate was in jeopardy. In cooperation with the management we analyzed the situation and this analysis was the basis for our strategic communication effort. We published facts and together with other initiatives this ensured that the situation was rectified. The communication push gave the consortia a media break and enabled the management to get back to business.

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When a large
American private equity
fund invests in
Danish infrastructure

A leading American private equity fund made one of the largest ever investments in renewable energy by becoming a minority stakeholder in a large Danish energy company.
 The investment was politically controversial and in that environment we improved communication with relevant stakeholders and made various stakeholder analyses for the client.

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When there is
broad criticism of
a company merger

The news of the merger of two companies with international ties in the Danish business community created unexpected critical media coverage. 
We systematically worked with the top management, so they were able to communicate clearly during the crisis and inevitable to regain control of the agenda. We then developed a communication strategy for the next 12 months with aim of promoting the continuing company, but not least with the goal of being able to focus on the core business again.

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When the Board of
Directors needs to
dismiss the CEO

Under great media attention a publicly listed company needed to dismiss the CEO because he had lied about his qualifications.
 Under confidentiality – and in cooperation with the Chairman of the Board – we developed a communications plan that ensured that the company's stakeholders across multiple time zones, languages and markets were informed synchronously about the dismissal.
 By pressure testing the Boards messages and secondly communicating clearly about the logic behind the dismissal we ensured that the damage to the company's reputation and share price was limited.

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When 20 percent
of the employees need
to be dismissed

A major Danish corporation with international subsidiaries suffered economic losses and had to reduce costs. It was necessary to reduce the global workforce by 20 percent.
 In close cooperation with the company's HR department we planned the communication efforts, from the main message down to the details, to ensure that all employees got the answers they needed and that the dismissed employees were treated fairly - also in the eye of the general public and media. 
We trained managers in messaging and communication techniques, which greatly contributed to the re-establishment of business order.

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When the decision
is made to sell the
Danish company

In the wake of the financial crisis, a major international investor decided to sell off a Danish company.
 The company was fundamentally healthy, but the company did no longer fit the overall strategy of the investor. However, because of the public announcement to sell the company it was perceived to be of low value.
 In cooperation with the Chairman of the Board and the company management we developed a communication strategy that gradually changed the story of the company. This ensured that there was greater interest among potential new investors for the asset.

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When the new CEO
must gain more clout

A planned CEO succession was implemented in a large public company. The change has been slow and therefore the successors name had leaked and the organization had not made any communication effort regarding the change of management.
 As the need for a more proactive communications strategy was recognized, we were hired and conducted media and message training of the new CEO, who’s clout after a few training sessions was considerably strengthened.


Corporate Matters is located in the business district of Copenhagen.

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